How I’ve tried to frame chats with children about outdated views in films and books.

Photo: author’s own

We were on holiday, looking round the ruins of a crumbling castle in Spain and all listening to the same audio guide. My son was little then, not yet three, but taking in bits of…

From exploring the world, to exploring the neighbourhood.

Small sticks in the forest

The main way I keep a marker on time at the moment is through social media. Yesterday, Facebook Memories reminded me that it had been a year since I took my kid along to a Water Puppet show in Ho Chi Minh…

Back to blogging with a new kind of exploration

Autumn Leaves, image by author

It’s been a while. And…it’s been quite a year, eh?

This blog was originally sort of based around travelling — but just as I was finding my feet with it, travelling freely became a thing which was talked about in the…

Sian Bevan

Communicating using narratives || Exploring where stories, data and young audiences meet

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