If a child thinks a movie is brilliant, does it matter if an adult thinks it stinks?

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

Every week we have a Family Film Club. The movie selected was The Cat in the Hat (2013) which, I’ll be honest, I’d completely forgotten existed. But, Dr Seuss is timeless, right? And films are always kinda fun, RIGHT?

Oh lovely reader, it was one of the longest 82 minutes…

Taking your narratives off the screen and into the woods…or your local shop

Two people, both wearing hats, are working on typewriters outdoors, both resting on tiny tables. A sign reads ‘Poet for Hire’
Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

So much of writing is waiting.

Waiting to hear if your pitch has been accepted, if anyone has read your Medium article, if you were shortlisted in that competition which you spent way too much money on…

The Art of Tiny Stories and One Big Question

Small plastic models (of a man, a woman and some chicks) walk through long grass.
Small can be mighty (photo author’s own)

There are sometimes big ideas which you need to communicate. Your new business plan, a personal breakthrough, your ambitions as a writer…it can be tricky to get ideas across which don’t necessarily mean much to other people.

It’s really great that…

…and how to create story-based events to connect with your community

Tiny stories written on pieces of wood, to be left in a forest

Humans understand the world through stories. We’re read fairytales which teach us not to be greedy or mean. Stories tell us to be careful, or to remember others, or to place us gently in the shoes of others. …

From exploring the world, to exploring the neighbourhood.

Small sticks in the forest

The main way I keep a marker on time at the moment is through social media. Yesterday, Facebook Memories reminded me that it had been a year since I took my kid along to a Water Puppet show in Ho Chi Minh…

What I’ve learnt from explaining stuff to young audiences.

Stories I hid in the woods, for a recent project

I’m currently researching ways to connect young people to data, and it’s making me think a lot about the way I’ve tried to communicate with younger audiences in my career. I know it’s some people’s worst nightmare to have a room…

Or: it’s really probably better not to be good at everything

There are so many resources online to help people become better communicators. …

Back to blogging with a new kind of exploration

Autumn Leaves, image by author

It’s been a while. And…it’s been quite a year, eh?

This blog was originally sort of based around travelling — but just as I was finding my feet with it, travelling freely became a thing which was talked about in the…

Finding tiny actions to give the day direction

I have the kind of brain which needs a to do list to get moving in the morning. On bad days it includes things like ‘eat breakfast’ and on good days it includes all the things, but it’s my to do list…

Where does travel writing live in a locked down world?

Everything changes, it turns out, during a pandemic. As the world faces unprecedented behavioural changes, it feels inappropriate to talk about the travelling adventures you just left behind. …

Sian Bevan

Communicating using narratives || Exploring where stories, data and young audiences meet

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